Majestic Alps

So i went to the Alps with my class and i couldn´t help but marvel at the greatness and beauty of this landscape.
Every time i looked out the window, the Panorama was the same and yet different because the weather seemed to change all day long. I felt like i could look out all day long and not grow tired. Taking a walk, i felt such a peace. The beauty was over whelming to my heart. The emotions that arose in me were those i only get when i see how beautiful this planet is. Time seems to stand still while up there. And everything is forgotten. Somehow you feel like you are completely free. I don´t know if it is the  fact that you are above everything else or the sight of clouds and ice below you that makes you feel like you are soaring on clouds.

All i know is i looked up at this magnificent mountain, and i saw God´s majesty. Because if something that is too small for God can look this majestic, how much greater is the creator? It left me humble knowing how i should actually be in awe of God. Yet my heart filled with calmness at the thought of someone who made these mountainranges, must be strong enough, to take good care of me.

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