Naturally natural

naturally natural (2)We live in a world where technology is rapidly increasing. Not a new day passes by without something new being discovered. We have travelled, with our telescopes, to the furthest places in the universe according to our ability as of today. We have conquered with our microscopes the tiniest beings invisible to the naked eye. It seems natural to me that this is what we are destined to be. To discover, conquer, grow in knowledge and always try to surpass our limits, doing this with a remarkable achievement. Yet there is a part of us, that draws us back to our roots.

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. – Albert Einstein

This part of us, that longs do to away with the cars, Skyscrapers, machines, phones and just embrace who we in the real sense of life. This longing grows as we grow older and makes more sense as we meditate about life. When i was little, one of the main characteristics that stood out for me about villages was that it was a place where my grand parents lived. This was part of the village like the big farms, forests and natural streams in the valleys were. It was a place you went in the holidays, to get away from the day to day life. To me, a grand parent calling a town home was an oxymoron. And my friends calling their grand parent´s home a village seemed odd. But as i grew up, i understood that this place, that i saw as a town, was once a village. The town had eaten it´s way right into the heart of the villages, leaving only but it´s inhabitants as evidence of what once was. I now work with the older generation and i realise one common factor most have is that they love to live in quiet places. To have a life as natural as possible, far from all the technology and fumes. But is it just the elderly that love to spend their life in nature?

What is it that draws us back to living naturally? To consider eating biologically made food and products, to live a life as simple as possible. What makes the colours green and blue so stabilizing and calming to our bodies, respectively? What makes the sound of waterfalls and sound of wind through trees sweet to the ears? What makes the scent of flowers and soil after a rainy day so pleasant? Is it not the peace, calmness, harmony that nature provides that keeps us going back? In that one moment, all stress, appointments, pressure is forgotten and you just take it in. It is like you are reminded of who you really are. There is something about nature that heals. There is a saying that goes like this: ” Nature, is the greatest Doctor there is” It provides physical, emotional and psychological healing.

We have noticed a big movement called “going natural” Many people join this movement due to different reasons and motives. To some, it is to avoid disease, others to feel good. Some even do it because of their religious beliefs, other groups do it to encourage people to love who they are whereas others follow a humanitarian cause. Being natural means embracing who we are, what we have and loving it. It is using the natural resources to make our life more stable and healthy. It means knowing what we need and giving our bodies just that. Sometimes, it might mean getting out of your comfort zone to make the lifestyle you want to possible. This is not easy as going natural is no longer as natural today. You have to swim against the current. It means standing up against the unnatural ways of living that development has brought with it´s self. It might mean spending more money, and investing more time in your life. But one thing if for sure. Our lives do so well, when we live them, the way they were created to be. We are naturally meant, to live a natural life.

In respone to today’s daily prompt:Natural



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